Outsourced Accounting: Sorting the Facts from Fiction

  • today 26 Sep 2022
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Outsourced Accounting is now around a decade old in the finance sector, and numerous myths about outsourcing accounting are still going to and fro in the finance sector. These affect a lot of vendors and business owners as they have a lot of ambiguity in their minds about outsourcing accounting. Due to these widely spreading myths,  many vendors and business owners are deprived of the flexibility and value that outsourcing accounting brings.

It's high time now that these myths must be steered and cleared. Like every working methodology or accounting type, outsourcing accounting has pros and cons. The thing is, along with these pros and cons, many myths are circulated about outsourcing accounting. This adversely affects business owners as they are deprived of all the benefits they could avail of by using outsourcing accounting.

At the same time, it affects all the accounts working from remote locations as they cannot find clients because of these myths circulating rapidly in the finance sector. It is a common tendency to believe somewhat what you hear from peers. Business people are often misguided by what they watch on social media. It would help if you cleared your facts about outsourcing accounting.

If you encounter any myths or invalidated facts, you can always knock on an accounting professional's door to get the right financial advice. An accounting professional gives you a clear picture of the market and tells you about the mechanism of outsourcing accounting. It is crucial to separate the tinted and black from the clear and white.

Accounting is a sensitive zone of the business; having misconceptions in this sector cat adversely affect our business and can cost you the fortune of your company.

You don't need to worry much; myths can be cleared by knowing the correct facts. And,  if the subject is "outsourced accounting",  your job is already done. You can read below to know the most widespread myths about outsourcing accounting.

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Outsourced Accounting: Sorting the Facts from Fiction

  • Outsourced accounting is feasible for giant businesses only.

Fact: Startups and small businesses have limited resources and can't build a team from the grass-root level. Large firms have abundant resources for team building and maintaining in-house accounting teams.

Outsourced accounting allows small businesses to avail of professional accounting solutions that can deliver high-quality consulting and services to increase revenue and provide financial stability for small businesses. It would help if you had in your mind that remote teams are highly flexible and scalable. You may diminish and expand the team according to your requirements.

  • A remote team will not be as compliant as in-house employees.

Fact: With the new software launched in the market specially designed for accounting-related collaboration and computing, it has been a mere task to communicate and collaborate with your outsourced accountant. Outsourced accountants are very responsible and dedicated to their firm deadlines.

They are as compliant with the rules of firms as an in-house accountant. There is a contract that keeps the outsourced accountants within the regulations. Hence, it is absolutely a myth that outsourced accountants are not dedicated to the company.

  • The security of the information is compromised

Fact:You can ask the outsourcing accounting service provider about the extent of security they provide. You can even set up a call with technical managers to ensure that the company's account is safe. Nowadays, outsourced accountants have made significant progress in the technical field.

Your outsourced accountant must use reliable software for data sharing and collaboration. Cloud computing is used for backing up data and version control. The data is centralised and updated in real time.

  • Is it necessary to get into a Long-Term Contract?

Fact: If you are thinking of outsourcing your accounting services, you must try to make contracts with easy-going terms. Check out the types of contract terms available to outsourced accounting services companies. Many outsourced accounting services build an ad hoc contract for the initial period. This gives both parties some time to check their compatibility and working methodologies.

To remain competitive, reliable businesses must provide excellent customer service, including customised services to fulfil their specific needs. Get in touch with an accountant that provides the quality and quantity of work you need and can go down (or up!) in some time if you feel like diminishing or expanding the services. You must read and revise the contract multiple times.

Summing Up

Now that we have tried our best to fill the gap in your knowledge about outsourced accounting. We expect to help other professionals by passing on the information. Remember, accounting is the most crucial sector of the business. Finance has the power to make or break a business. All the facts related to accounting and finance must be straight.

You can avoid accumulating such myths by regularly connecting with an accounting professional. Sit with your finance team and discuss your queries with them. Suppose you feel that your finance team is engaged with the company's account. In that case, you may book a session with an accounting consultant to get more clarity on accounting concepts and the contemporary advancements in the sector.

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