The Secret to Remote Work: Checklists

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Most organizations aim to go totally or partially remote in the long run, indicating that remote work is here to stay. Employees get to escape long office commutes, have a flexible schedule, manage their duties efficiently, and spend valuable time with their families when they work remotely.

On the other hand, remote work can be difficult, but it can be pretty productive for you and your team with the correct equipment, space, and discipline. When getting ready to work from home, use this checklist to ensure you're fully prepared and avoid the usual mistakes that most remote workers face.

the secret to remote work

Build a Home Office

Setting up a pleasant home office or workstation where you can focus on getting work done is the first step in our working from the home checklist. A separate room in your living room, garage, or attic would be ideal, but even a dedicated corner at your place can suffice.

Here's a list of a few things you need to put together to build a home office:


If your computer lags, shuts down unexpectedly, or is too slow, it's time to upgrade. The backbone of your home office is your laptop or computer.

Wireless keyboard and mouse

A wireless keyboard and mouse can save backache and strain on your wrists.

Ergonomic chair

Since you'll be working from home, you'll be sitting at your computer for lengthy periods, and a stiff or unpleasant chair can cause severe back and tailbone pain over time, as well as poor posture.


Working from your kitchen island, dining table, or dresser will provide you with little comfort while keeping you in the centre of it all, and it will be untidy. An L-shape desk is a particular favourite option and must-have because it offers comfort and takes up very little room!

Get High-speed Internet Access

Working from home necessitates having a stable and fast internet connection. There will be a considerable delay in getting work done if the internet is poor. Your internet may be adequate for sending emails and accessing the web, but it won't be capable of supporting video conferencing calls or using heavy apps.

Before working from home, make sure you choose to increase your internet speed. You can accomplish it in a variety of ways. For example, Upgrade your home internet package, utilise your mobile hotspot and the internet on your phone, acquire a network adapter to improve the connection, etc.

Set boundaries

It's critical to set boundaries in terms of your workspace and working hours when working from the comfort of your own home. After establishing your designated workplace, make sure your spouse, children, roommates, and other family members respect it. Remote working allows you to spend more time with your family and friends, but this luxury can quickly become a distraction.

When you're on a conference call or conducting head-down work, let your housemates know you'll be working and perhaps show them some visuals to remind them to stay out of your workplace. Make a sign if a closed door isn't enough. 

You can even set boundaries for your remote chat tools. Regularly updating your status, switching to do not disturb mode, and automatically scheduling meetings are simple ways to let your coworkers know when it's ideal for communicating, thus avoiding constant interruptions.

Maintain a regular schedule.

Going into the office provides structure to their workday routine for most people. Working from home can throw off your routine and leave you feeling disoriented and unmotivated throughout the day. Maintaining a routine helps you stay on track when working from home.

You want to give the impression that you're going to work. It means getting up in the morning at the same time you would at work, showering, getting dressed, drinking your morning coffee, and then heading out to conquer the world from your home office on time.

It's also crucial to take regular breaks. Perhaps grab lunch with a buddy or enjoy a relaxed meal away from your job. After a long morning of sitting, try a brief run or a virtual workout class to get your blood pumping. You achieve the 'office atmosphere,' and stop working at a reasonable hour.

Always Have a Clean Space 

Working from home might become monotonous due to repetitious daily tasks, and you may not even clean your desk or workspace. A cluttered workplace results in a cluttered mind. Having paper mail and papers piled on your desk, a complete waste juice can, or any other mess in your sight will increase your stress levels.

Try to clean your environment quickly at the start and end of the day to avoid creating a more incredible mess that will take longer to clean. A clean environment can help you stay organised and on track for the day.

Avoid Isolating Yourself

Loneliness or feeling isolated is a prevalent complaint among distant workers. It is more likely to happen after a while when you work from home, so a change in your work environment is necessary.

Spend time with your family or colleagues for coffee during your breaks to chat and relax. Also, to refresh your mind and boost your mood, engage in outside activities such as exercising, jogging, or walking.

To avoid depression or loneliness, changing your routine, maybe even changing your workspace totally for a few days and working from a café or a co-working facility and meeting new people will be beneficial.

Final Thoughts

Some of you may find that remote work from home is new and unpleasant, but you may love it if you get beyond the learning curve. Creating a remote work culture can be difficult, but following this remote management checklist can make it easier. Following these rules and maintaining a healthy routine will make you successful, happy, and productive home-dwelling professionals.

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