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Experlu is the #1 marketplace for CPAs, bookkeepers and tax advisors like you for getting exposure to new clients. With our matchmaking algorithms, you will find your clients easily; all you need to do:

  • Build a great profile
  • Make yourself stand out with skills, experience & qualification
  • Offer your best service at the best price
  • Find the perfectly matched clients for you
  • Get job alerts via email
  • Submit unlimited compelling proposals
  • Get hired!

You will have a dedicated success manager to guide you through this process.

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Get ready with a 90-day free trial and pay nothing until you get hired.Try it out!

  • Build a strong profile for free
  • Boost your chances by offering your best services
  • Send unlimited proposals – your proposal your way for free
  • Pay when you get hired
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A dedicated portal to manage clients

Our state of the art portal is where you can manage new jobs, keep track of active leads and send proposals. Everything in one place!

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How You Will Work As An Expert


Select a job

Find and select jobs from your Expert portal that match your skills and ability.


Send a proposal

Send a compelling proposal and send it to the client to win the job.


Get hired!

Once you get the job, start providing your quality work and excellent customer service!

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Send Unlimited Proposals & Get Exposure

Experlu lets you extend your online presence into the physical world by match you with qualified leads, enabling you to build your own personal brand!

Frequently asked questions

Is a 90-day trial free?

Yes, you can use Experlu’s service free for 90 days! You can send unlimited quality proposals to the clients for free. You will pay only the success fee when you get hired.

During the free trial period, you will not pay any monthly subscription fee. Whenever you win a job, we will charge your card with a small amount of success fee only. After completion of the free trial, a small monthly subscription fee will apply. The amount of success fee will be visible before you are submitting a proposal for each job.

Qualified leads mean our team verifies the jobs listed on Experlu. Duringour communication with the customers, we obtain business information, deadlines;understand critical criteria related to the job,budget, expectations and much more. This is how we will assess the seriousness of the customer and the time frame for the job. This way, we are confident that our all leads on Experlu are verified.

You will find numbers of jobs posted on Experlu by business owners and individuals. We will notify you when your profile matches one of the client’s requirements. To increase the chances of getting hired, submit compelling and tailored proposals to the clients, which makes you stand out from other experts.

Yes, you will need to be verified as a verified expert can only submit a proposal.

No, there’s no limit on sending proposals. You can send as many proposals to the clients as you want to if you find your perfectly matched client.

No, currently, there are nocharges for registration, verification, or sending proposals on Experlu. There is only a small monthly subscription fee plus a success fee you will pay when you get hired through our platform.

Yes, you can if a potential client asks you to change any terms in your proposal before accepting it.

No, there’s nochance of scamjobs listed on Experlu. Because after getting a new job from customers, our team personally makes a phone call asking several questions, including the budget, expectations and more. This way, Experlu’s team can filter out scam jobs listing. However, Experlu has no control over people in case they change their minds.

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