How to hire the best bookkeeper?

It is a common and quite genuine urge among business owners to hire the best bookkeeper for their firm. It is quite a straightforward fact that not all bookkeepers are suitable for all businesses. There are numerous factors when it comes to entrepreneurship and businesses, and each of them has its challenges and bookkeeping requirements.

Bookkeeping should never be considered a general accounting task, as each business has its accounting structure, and a different book of records must be maintained. The idea behind hiding the best bookkeeper doesn’t imply that you go on and hire the bookkeeper who has the maximum fees in the industry. Instead, it means hiring the candidate who is the most suited for your business and can deliver is best to maintain the Book of Records for your business.

It all depends on the approach you are opting for initiating and conducting the hiring process. First, you need to figure out the category of your business. The accounting structure is very different for startups or small businesses than for multinational corporations or other giant business ventures. It would help if you discussed this with your team and pen down the job roles and responsibilities for the role.

The best way to hire the best bookkeeper for your firm is to use a  strategically planned and well-organised recruitment process. You must look for candidates who have prior experience in working with similar kinds of enterprises or in the same sector. For instance,  if you run a pharmaceutical business, you must look out for candidates who have had experience in working with pharma companies. This ensures that the candidate is not a newbie and already familiar with most of the terms used in the sector.

You can  hire bookkeepers through referral programs for recommendation from your colleagues and friends. There  are bookkeepers who work for multiple forms at the same time, you  look out for candidates already working in any form that you are closely aware of. Let’s  discuss more on how to hire the best keeper to make sure  that the next time you hire a bookkeeper you face no grievances.

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How to hire the best bookkeeper?

  • Distinguish candidates with phenomenal skills

Once you have been through the entire recruitment process and have two candidates to make your final call,  you must go ahead with the skill test. A  skill test is the most appropriate method to bring out the right candidate for the position. It also gives a fair chance to both the candidates as they are going to take the same test, and the final recruitment will be based on the test results without any bias.

  • Minimise the recruitment costs

Once you have posted the job recruitment on any social media site or have circulated it through other mediums,  you will realise that soon there will be a point that there are too many resumes. Too many applications definitely increase the recruitment time which consequently increases the recruitment costs.

You can conduct a pre-assessment or a pre-employment skill test to shortlist the most knowledgeable candidates and narrow down the number of applicants. You can design the assessment in such a way that includes the day-to-day challenges the bookkeeper is going to face and the fundamental concepts of bookkeeping.

  • Make decisions without any bias

It is the harsh reality of life unemployment that there are many hiring biases that may impact the final call of the recruiter. Some of these biases are not quite evident and the recruiter makes them with the subconscious mind. If you need to make sure that the decision has been made without any biases you must only ask relevant questions to a candidate and gather information on a need-to-know basis.

  • Write a crisp and clear bookkeeper job description

To begin the accountant recruitment process, you need to create a short and crisp bookkeeper job description that mentions the role and responsibilities. This gives a clear picture to all the applicants that what a successful candidate should be like.

Another reason an accountant’s job description must be direct and true is that a lack of complete knowledge can make the job more challenging and ambiguous. For example, you can attract hundreds of applicants who don’t know how to use the particular accounting software your company uses. This increases the time it takes to hire the ideal accounting candidate for your business.

Summing Up

Now that we have clearly mentioned all the pro tips for hiring the best bookkeeper,  we know that you are going to get the best results out of the recruitment drive you are going to conduct in the future, and all your bookkeeping issues are going to be resolved.

The bookkeeping records form the basis for the entire accounting structure of the business.  Bookkeeping is the first step of accounting and should be done with utmost care such that the entire accounting reports are error-free. We know that accounting and bookkeeping can be wholesome sometimes; just have faith in your accountant and help him with the resources or tools you need, and you will be all sorted.